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New Zealand’s Prime Minister Is The First Covid Tyrant To Fall, But She Won’t Be The Last

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, is announced her resignation this week after being the nation’s leader for six years. She cited “burnout” Ardern was cited as the reason. But many believe Ardern chose to exit early because she expected to face a humiliating defeat in this year’s election. Many Kiwis (a nickname for New Zealanders) are fed up with her government’s harsh Covid-19 restrictions. 

Ardern was just 37 years old when she was elected prime minister. She championed leftists’ favorite causes, such as climate change and so-called gender equality. Following the events of The, she achieved international fame. 2019 Christchurch terrorist attackIn 2001, 51 people were killed in two mosques by a gunman. Ardern quickly enacted a strict gun ban, which was banned from all “military-style” Semi-automatic guns and so called “Semi-automatic Guns” “assault rifles,” And established a mandatory gun “buyback” program. Arden wore a hijab as a sign of respect for the Muslim community. She was a popular leftist icon and has gained a lot of admiration. Her photographs graced the covers of Vogue and Time. She was in many ways the “The” woman. AOC New Zealand 

Ardern’s strict gun laws did not stop gun crimes, as it turned out. On the contrary, gun crimes rose to a 10-year high after the law went into effect, according Radio New Zealand. Ardern was not the compassionate, democracy-defender she had hoped to be. 

Ardern was appointed in 2020 when New Zealand had 100 Covid cases. “go hard and go early” approach and imposed some of the world’s strictest lockdowns. In March 2020, the country became a massive prison after its borders were closed. The country was divided into families and foreigners were not allowed in. New Zealanders could only leave their homes to get groceries or supplies for medical reasons and had to stay put.

Ardern believed her method was the best to eliminate Covid-19. Like China’s dictator Xi Jinping, she declared her “zero Covid” policy won a victory in October 2020, right before she was reelected. The nation had reported fewer Than 25 Covid-related deaths and fewer that 2,000 cases since March 2020. Ardern won A second term was won by a wide margin. Her reputation as a hero was high, and many pointed to her New Zealand model as an argument for lockdowns. 

Authoritarian Policies

Ardern quickly reacted when the nation discovered a single Delta variant Covid case, in August 2021. re-imposed a nationwide lockdown. However, this time her “zero Covid” It was not possible to stop the spread and spread of this highly infectious variant. The new variant spread nationwide, and the number of cases rose.

Ardern issued a vaccine mandate in order to attain a national vaccination rate of 90%. Before entering any establishment, customers had to present a vaccine certificate. Any business that wanted to reopen must also have its employees vaccinated. A religious exemption was not allowed. A nation of five million people. fewer than 100 A medical exemption is available to qualified applicants. Also, a mask mandate was in effect. Ardern pushed for Orwellian policies and argued that she should be a mask mandate.

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