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The latest Star Wars game receives backlash for depicting a female character in a more masculine light

The summary covers⁣ the discussion ⁤around ​the ⁣portrayal of women in video games, highlighting⁣ past‍ criticisms of unrealistic features. It⁢ also mentions the recent ⁣controversy in the new Star ‌Wars⁢ game where a female character was depicted in a more masculine ⁤way, sparking intense online backlash. The ⁢article is originally from ‍The Western Journal. The summary addresses the portrayal of women in video games, focusing on past ‍critiques of unrealistic features. It touches on the recent controversy from the new Star Wars game⁣ depicting a female character in a more masculine light, which led to significant online criticism. The article was originally published‍ by The Western Journal.

It used to be said that women in video games had unrealistic features — usually ones that certain types of young men with, ahem, unrealistic expectations about the female body […]

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