Michigan communities protest plans to build Chinese factories at home

General view of State Capitol Building in Lansing MI, March 6, 2016. (Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images at MoveOn.org).

OAN Roy Francis
UPDATED 1:47 PM – Saturday, March 18, 2023

Michigan communities protest against a Chinese-owned business being allowed to build a factory.

According to The Midwesterner footage from a Green Charter Township board meeting shows over 100 people from Mecosta County protesting the board’s decision.

Concerns were raised after lawmakers approved $585 million from the state budget to build the factory that would make electric vehicle batteries. A state economic development board approved the plans for the factory. It was to be built in both Big Rapids and Green Charter Townships.

After the unanimous vote of the Big Rapids town board to request a federal review in case of national security risks, construction was delayed in Big Rapids. According to The Detroit News the security concerns were caused by the Chinese ownership of the company.

Residents expressed concerns about the presence the company in their area, citing national security being the most pressing issue due to China’s ongoing tensions.

“The thing that drives some the most crazy about this is that this is a Chinese-owned company. A Chinese-owned company is a communist company. Why would you bring a communist company to Big Rapids, Michigan, when we have troops mobilizing right now to fight China?” A resident said that he was an Iraq War vet at the meeting. “Why would we invite the enemy to come spy on us? All the things on here are bad, but the thing that drives me the most nuts is that it is our enemy, not the Chinese people. I have nothing against the Chinese people because they suffer under the same communism that you all are trying to bring here. It’s disgusting.”

Other residents voiced similar concerns and warned against China extending its reach into the United States. Opponents suggested that the plan should not be limited to Chinese owned factories. “American companies on American soil.”

Tudor Dixon, a former Republican candidate for governor, is leading the effort to stop the Chinese company building their factory.

“The residents who spoke out against the Big Rapids communist Chinese battery plant were clear, focused, and on point. Township leaders would do well to listen to them and heed their concerns. National security over the promise of jobs!” She tweeted about the meeting. “I stand with the residents fighting back against having a 700-acre Chinese battery plant in their backyard that could easily double as a base for spying on Americans. No Gotion in Michigan!”

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“From Michigan communities protest Chinese factory plans at home

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