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Meet The Moms And Dads Taking Over School Boards Across The Country

The pandemic pitted schools and parents against one another over everything, from learning loss to gender identification, so parents became frustrated and decided to run themselves for school board.

Many of them won races in November.

Conservatives flipped at least nine school boards in at least six states — Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Florida — giving them conservative majorities, According To two parent rights groups that endorsed many victorious candidates.

In other districts, conservative parents failed to secure majority on their school board, but they are now a problem for the progressive majority.

These are five moms and fathers who were held accountable by their school boards and now work from the inside to improve their schools.

California — Laurene McCoy

Laurene McCoy (Photo courtesy Laurene McCoy).

Progressive California has seen conservative parents and fathers win school board seats in many areas.

Laurene McCoy was a wife, mom and pastor.

McCoy explained that she was inspired to run for office after seeing disturbing trends in the area, such as sinking test scores, and more violence in schools, during the pandemic. She said that she hadn’t paid much attention to the local school board before then.

“We’ve got full-time jobs. We’ve got so many things to do, but it’s so important that we get involved right now, because if we don’t, we’re gonna lose our children,” McCoy spoke to The Daily Wire.

McCoy, as a board member, aims to increase parental involvement in education. 

Laurene McCoy (Photo courtesy Laurene McKiey)

She said that Paso Robles has had to deal already with the gender identity problem.

“Everybody’s entitled to believe and do and live their personal lifestyle the way that they want,” She spoke. “The problem for me comes when you bring that in school and my children become confused.”

“I’m not okay with my children having to be forced to be in a locker room with somebody of a biological different gender than they are,” She spoke. “I definitely believe in science and biology, that God made men, men and God made women, women.”

“They’re already going through puberty. They’re going through so many other things. It’s already weird. So why would we put them in a situation where it has to be super weird?” She added.

McCoy stated she would like to find a solution which doesn’t put children in unsafe situations. McCoy wants adults to ask more questions about why children may be of different genders.

“We have to figure out what the root of these problems are and not just be like, oh, you’re sad today and you want to do this, okay,” She spoke. “It’s okay to be nosy. I’ve learned that God made me nosy on purpose.”

Laurene McCoy during the school board campaign. Photo courtesy Laurene McCoy

McCoy stated that she was attacked racially by people who didn’t agree with her on the issue of gender identity during her campaign.

“You want your transgender child to be accepted, but then you turn around and do something like that. It just really shows me where people are,” She spoke.

McCoy so far has had some “interesting dynamics” She laughed at the superintendent “maybe I’ve just got to work that out.”

“I do notice that there are a few cliques … you can tell who the favorites are,” She spoke.

“I’m nosy and I ask a lot of questions until I feel comfortable with the answer,” McCoy concluded. “There’s a lot of work to do. I feel like people definitely need to start being held accountable for not only their actions, but the things that are taking place in our schools, in our community, and the safety of our children.”

Florida — Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer (Photo by Stephanie Meyer)

Two conservative candidates in Florida flipped the Pinellas County Schools Board near Tampa.

Stephanie Meyer, a mother of three, was among those successful candidates.

She prioritized the online accessibility of school board meetings as a member. Meyer stated that Meyer was able get her fellow board members on board to restore the livestream to the public comment section of Pinellas County school boards meetings. She said that previously, the livestream was disabled for public comment.

“That really is a disservice to families,” She told The Daily Wire that she said this because “because families might

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