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MEDICAL FRAUD: CDC Includes 5,692 Intentional Injuries and Poisonings in their Total US Coronavirus Death Count

But if you look closely at these numbers there were 5,692 deaths from intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning and “other adverse events.”

So why were 5,692 injury and poisoning deaths included on the national coronavirus mortality list?

And why are 8,034 malignant neoplasm deaths included on the coronavirus list?
Why are 6,159 Alzheimer deaths included on the coronavirus death list?

The CDC doesn’t say.

But Americans are supposed to listen to the CDC as they claim masks are saving lives and children are in danger at school when they have a greater chance of drowning than dying from coronavirus.

When will this corrupt organization be audited?
When will they be held to account for their destruction and lies?
What they are getting away with is fraud. And they list it in their weekly results.

Hat Tip A. Bostom