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Lebron James Irate After Missed Foul Call, Patrick Beverley Gets Technical Foul for Showing Ref Camera

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LeBron James had every reason to be upset during Saturday night’s Game The NBA and the Celtics agree with this statement. An error at the end led to The 38-year old Patrick Beverley lost his mind and decided to get one of the funniest technical fouls.

Jaylen brown, Boston’s guard, was fouled after he made a jumper. With four seconds remaining, he went to the line and made a game-tying free throw.

The Lakers had plenty of time to prepare a play for their win. Los Angeles had a discussion and passed the ball on to James.

The four-time NBA champion took control at the top of key and drove through the lane while Malcolm Brogdon defended him. James entered the key with four Celtics defenders at his fingertips as he drove through.

Jayson Tatum hit LeBron James on the arm with his left hand, and he went up with LeBron James.

James was furious and no foul was called.

James would have had the chance to win the lead if the foul had been called. The game was instead decided to go into overtime.

The NBA determined that the officials had made a wrong call almost immediately after the extra period ended. James was furious and Beverley defended him in the most hilarious way.

Tatum clearly fouled James, and Tatum’s capture was captured on film by everyone who photographed and filmed the final play. Beverley took matters into her own hands, borrowed the camera of a photographer who was on the sideline and presented it to the official as evidence.

The official didn’t appreciate the unsolicited help. Beverley was given an inexplicably hilarious technical foul for his antics.

Los Angeles lost by four in overtime. Los Angeles could have won in regulation had Tatum’s foul been called in time. But basketball is great!

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