L.A. Meteorologist Faints During Live Broadcast

During a Saturday morning live broadcast, a CBS News meteorologist lost consciousness in Los Angeles and fell to the ground.

Alissa Carlson-Schwartz was scheduled to report on KCAL’s 7:00 AM broadcast. But, when Rachel Kim and Nichelle Medina, morning news hosts, kicked it over, she fainted. KCAL abruptly cut off to commercial.

Kim and Medina laugh as they point out Carlson Schwartz to the viewers on a split screen. Carlson Schwartz can be seen standing behind a desk, before she slumps and rolls her eyes into the back of the head. She then falls to the ground.

The meteorologist was not present in the room with the hosts, so they didn’t notice any problems until Carlson Schwartz hit the ground after she had passed out.

“Oh!” Kim says she is confused at Carlson Schwartz’s fall.

“You know, we’re going to go ahead and go to break right now,” Medina speaks before the broadcast ends.

Carlson Schwartz posted Saturday’s update on Facebook. She thanked her friends and fans for their support. “texts, calls, and well wishes,” And she said that she would “be ok.” Carlson Schwartz was a former Ms. America contestant. She vomited on the set in 2014 and was diagnosed with a leaky valve. reported.


According to TMZ: The news channel broadcast pre-recorded programs before broadcasting the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament for the remainder of the day.

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