Kevin McCullough: No Doubt: The Squeeze Is On, Now What?

Take a look at these headlines for the past 48 hours! 

There are more classified documents, top staff members are leaving, Democrats are joining forces with Republicans in Congress to investigate, and the NYTimes offers a theory about how the Biden administration could have covered the document scandal. 

And that’s just the front page from today.

Two prominent Democratic mayors have been openly critical of the election. “do nothing” We are speaking out as we approach the Southern border. 

Naturally, Karin Jean Pierre comes out to say that all is well. She will then be humiliated once more by an administration who would rather lie to their mouthpiece than to admit any truth.

It’s plain for anyone to see.

“That moment” It is happening. All those who had done nothing to defend are now seeing the wheels begin to turn. “the big guy” up till now—are ready for him to be gone.

So what’s the end game at play here?

Suppose they convince him that he’s not up to the task—because let’s face it—giving canned speeches and then turning around to shake hands with ghosts is a lot for someone his age—now what?

Kamala Harris would have been the normal choice.

However, the person who got 0% would probably find it too difficult to assume the Presidency responsibilities.

She’s so awful at her current job, people like New York mayor Eric Adams, are calling for a border czar to be created when Biden appointed her to essentially that every position within the first month of being in office. 

The problem here is—she’s such a buffoon—that they are trying to hide her from view. (As normal people would probably agree on. That hyena cackle alone…)

So to retrace: Biden’s a disaster, and Harris is an incompetent buffoon. What does this mean?

The Speaker of the House is third. Nobody that I’ve spoken to is under any delusion that Kevin McCarthy would be welcomed under these circumstances. Republicans want him (as he promised) to continue with all investigations into the criminal Biden family activities. They demand that he demands a balanced budget. Our military, border patrol and energy exploration should be funded. The IRS should be defunded.

It’s one of the most ambitious agendas, any Speaker in recent history has attempted.

How do these chess pieces become shifted?

Perhaps they leave them alone and then they bleed on them so much that Democrats have to turn to someone who is more aggressive and less concerned about the rule law. 

Could this be the foundation for Soros’ poster girl to announce her run? Although Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has been very silent since her election, it is believed that she has tens to millions in campaign funding.

This season of humiliation for Biden and his family (now down to ten members) could cause such severe damage that a sitting Governor, Gavin Newsom, steps forward almost anti-Christ-like to announce his candidacy.

Is a Newsom/AOC ticket—criticizing the “old school” tradition of their party—seen as “the thing” to a generation of voters that won’t give Trump, DeSantis, Pompeo, or Haley even a look?

These are the discussions where the public is approximately 25 steps behind. 

It was all planned.

The current White House occupant seems to be in control. 

But if you think that’s great news, just understand that the same shadow puppets that installed him, have been working for a while on how to get rid of him when he no longer serves the purpose.

That time was day one of his administration, but now it’s severely troubled and for those of us fighting for America first, we must be vigilant and critical enough to ponder the question of “why?”

There is no time for you to lose.

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