Is Resveratrol the World’s Healthiest Testosterone Booster?

Resveratrol: Red Wine Isn’t Enough

You’ve heard that resveratrol is found in red wine and makes your heart work better and helps you live longer. It’s true, resveratrol is found in wine grapes, but the alcohol in that same wine might actually inhibit resveratrol’s beneficial effects on heart health. Oh, and you’d have to drink 144 bottles of wine to get an effective dose of resveratrol.

But at least you’re right about resveratrol itself possibly making you live longer. The compound is what’s known as a “calorie restriction mimetic.” It causes the body to react in the same way it would if you severely restricted calorie intake. Specifically, both resveratrol and calorie restriction lead to the activation of certain proteins (SIRT) that can extend lifespan through a number of pathways and mechanisms.

But resveratrol does a lot more than that. A whole lot more.

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