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Hunter’s ‘White Privilege’: Atty. for Black Rapper Livid His Client Spent Years in Jail for What Biden Did

Democrats and progressives are forever banging on about the inequities of the criminal justice system and how white people have it easy. Unless, of course, that white person is Hunter Biden, then it’s perfectly OK.

On Tuesday, the Justice Department reached a sweetheart deal with the president’s son on gun and tax charges, leading to the 53-year-old Biden pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges that put him on probation for failing to pay federal taxes and into a diversionary program for lying to on a form to buy a gun, according to Reuters.

This means that the president’s son, a polysubstance abuser for long periods of his life who lied about being a drug addict in order to get a firearm, won’t go to prison for the crime. This didn’t sit well with the lawyer for rapper Kodak Black, a rapper who was sentenced to nearly four years for committing a crime materially similar to the one Hunter Biden is walking free on.

According to the New York Post, the Grammy nominee — real name Bill Kapri — was sentenced to three years in 2019 after pleading guilty to providing an incorrect Social Security number on a federal form to purchase a gun.

Black’s criminal history would have precluded him from legally buying a weapon. He was sentenced to 46 months in federal prison; the rapper received a pardon from former President Donald Trump on Trump’s final day in office.

However, the double standard infuriated the rapper’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen.

“2 tiers of justice? Kodak was charged for the same crime. Got over 3 years. Mr. Biden will not serve a day. Feels right? Do FBI agents and federal authorities take cases personally?” Cohen wrote on Instagram on Tuesday.


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Meanwhile, on Twitter, Cohen said he’d never seen a case like Hunter Biden’s get settled without jail time.

“After 26 years, I have yet to have a plea in a case with an illegal possession of a weapon and tax evasion, that did not come with some kind of prison sentence. Indigents charged the same way would be getting jail time,” he tweeted.

“Even in the case of paying off coaches to get their kids into college came with a prison sentence. One even got 2 weeks, even though she was scoring no jail time. The system was so petty that they made her surrender to a federal prison for 2 weeks! But in this case nothing,” he continued.

He also quote-tweeted a federal prosecutor who called pretrial diversion on a gun charge “unheard of.”

While Black did have a criminal record, both he and Hunter Biden were effectively hit with the same charge. During a 2018 firearm purchase, Hunter filled out a federal form that required him to legally swear that he was not an addicted or unlawful user of a controlled substance. Unsurprisingly, he lied: Hunter himself all but admitted it in his memoir, in which he described that period of his life as a drug-fueled blur.

Furthermore, Hunter’s romantic partner at the time — the widow of his older brother, Beau — would later throw the gun in a dumpster, leading to the potential that the firearm could have been picked up by heaven-knows-who. (It wasn’t, thankfully, although allegations that the Secret Service was involved in helping locate it didn’t help matters any.)

Kodak Black’s attorney wasn’t the only one ripping the plea deal apart; at National Review, former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy also blasted the deal.

“Under Justice Department policy, even with a plea agreement, the government is supposed to seek a plea to the ‘most serious,’ readily provable ‘offense that is consistent with the nature and full extent of the defendant’s conduct,’” McCarthy wrote Tuesday.

“Hunter Biden committed tax offenses that could have been charged as evasion, which is punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment for each count. Furthermore, he made a false statement that enabled him to obtain a firearm; that’s a ten-year felony under legislation pushed through by then-senator Joe Biden to show how very serious Democrats are about gun crime.

“Biden apologists have tried to minimize that transaction as a ‘lie and try’ case, which they say is often not prosecuted. But such non-prosecution (though it shouldn’t happen) occurs because of what you’d infer from the ‘try’ part — i.e., the liar got caught and failed to obtain the gun. Hunter’s case, to the contrary, is a lie and succeed case. He got the gun.” [Emphasis in original.]

And then it found its way into a dumpster. Whoops.

Should Hunter Biden go to jail?

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In any other circumstance, rich Caucasian man orchestrating a sweetheart deal for something that a black rapper spent years behind bars for (until a Republican president pardoned him) would lead to a chorus of chest-beating about white privilege and a two-tiered justice system from Democrats. But Hunter Biden is useful to them. At least for a few more years, it behooves the left to pretend he’s not corrupt or criminal — or, at least, not that corrupt or criminal.

Do Messrs. Cohen and Black think they’re going to shame the left into abiding by their own standards when covering up Biden family criminality is at stake? Please.

As the president himself might put it, lots of luck in your senior year.

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