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Unveiling the Media Deception: Biden’s ‘Irritated’ Moment

The news article discusses the tense situation at‍ the White House before a Biden-Bibi call, ⁢emphasizing Biden’s frustration over recent events. Biden’s reactions to⁣ crises like the Gaza attack and inflation are highlighted, portraying a narrative where ⁢the administration seeks media cleanup. The text captures ‌feelings⁤ of anger, frustration,‍ and political challenges faced by the ‌White ⁣House. The article delves into the White House’s ⁤tension preceding a Biden-Bibi call, focusing on ‍Biden’s exasperation amidst recent ⁤crises. It sheds ‌light on Biden’s responses to​ events‍ like​ the Gaza attack and inflation while illustrating efforts by ⁢the administration to manage the media narrative. Overall, it encapsulates a sense of ‍anger, frustration, ‍and the political hurdles confronting the White House.

Axios headline, April 4: “White House temperature is ‘very high’ ahead of Biden-Bibi call.” Here’s another news story meticulously crafted by the Biden White House to buy time on one more catastrophe unfolding on the president’s watch.

Citing an unnamed “U.S. official,” Axios claims Biden is “pissed” ahead of a call scheduled with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in light of the deadly attack this week on a food aid caravan in Gaza.

“President Biden’s phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu planned for Thursday morning,” the report said, “is expected to be tense as Biden is ‘outraged’ about the killing of seven World Central Kitchen aid workers in an Israeli air strike in Gaza earlier this week, four U.S. officials said.”

This is how the White House handles every failure that Biden and Kamala Harris either cause or exacerbate. They do nothing that would truly fix the problem, watch it spiral further out of control, and then their handlers tell DC reporters they should at least put it out there that the president is just as frustrated by it all as the rest of America.

Biden caused the border crisis by explicitly inviting all of the world’s destitute to flood the country. Then, as his poll numbers tanked both generally and on his handling of the issue, Axios dutifully reported the president had “sat at the head of his conference table and exploded with fury” about it.

As Americans across the nation considered shooting up heroin just to numb the pain of paying 30 percent higher prices at the grocery store — another havoc wrought by Biden — the president’s team once again relied on the media for some cleanup.

“[B]iden has privately grumbled to top White House officials over the administration’s handling of inflation,” wrote the Washington Post in May 2022, “expressing frustration over the past several months that aides were not doing enough to confront the problem directly…”

See?! He’s grumbling! He’s frustrated! He cares! Just like you!

It’s at least fortunate (for now) that the Israeli predicament is largely just a political one that’s fun to watch the White House struggle through. On the one hand, independents and a majority of Democrats still prefer siding with our sole Middle East ally over the savages trying to eradicate it.

On the other, there are enough savage sympathizers in the Democrat Party to make Biden uncomfortable in publicly taking a strong position. That’s why his administration is both delivering aid to Gaza and funding Israel’s razing of it.

Ugh! But he’s losing sleep over it! Don’t be too hard on him!

Look how it has played out so far in Politico over the past three months:

Feb. 1: “Biden puts Israel on notice”

March 22: “From ‘I Love You’ to ‘Asshole’: How Joe Gave Up on Bibi”

March 27: “The limits of Biden’s one-on-one diplomacy with Netanyahu”

April 3: “‘Angry’ Biden stays the course on Israel”

Everyone recalls that scene from “Brokeback Mountain” when Biden says to Bibi, “I just can’t quit you.”

It’s all fake. It’s a story the media periodically throw up after the White House feeds it to them. It’s the surest sign that Biden has made no progress on mitigating a disaster he either caused or passively accepted.

He’s not “angry” or “pissed.” He’s feckless and weak.

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