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Haley campaign responds to DNC’s abortion criticism.

Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley’s Campaign Fires Back at DNC Criticism

In a fiery response to the Democratic National Committee’s criticism of her stance on abortion and record as governor, Nikki Haley’s campaign hit back with a strong statement.

“No one fails upwards better than Jaime Harrison,” said Haley spokesman Ken Farnaso in an exclusive statement to the Washington Examiner.

Haley’s campaign clarified her position, emphasizing her belief in finding consensus at the federal level to address the issue of abortion. They highlighted her support for ending late-term abortion, making adoption easier, supporting pregnant mothers, and protecting religious liberty.

Farnaso also posed a thought-provoking question, challenging the media to ask Joe Biden and Kamala Harris how many weeks they would allow abortion to happen.

Haley’s Record on Abortion

In 2016, as governor of South Carolina, Haley signed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which prohibited abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The bill included exceptions for cases where the mother’s life was in danger or if a doctor determined that the child would not survive outside of the womb.

Medical providers who violated the law faced significant penalties, including fines of up to $10,000 and potential imprisonment for three years per infraction.

Haley’s Stance on a Federal Abortion Ban

Since launching her 2024 presidential campaign, Haley has expressed her intention to sign a federal abortion ban. However, she has acknowledged the challenges of achieving such a ban, citing the need for a majority in the House, 60 senators, and a supportive president.

She has emphasized the importance of finding consensus, stating that saving more lives nationally depends on accomplishing what has not been done before.

Haley’s approach to the issue aligns with former President Donald Trump, who has also expressed a willingness to negotiate and has not committed to signing a federal abortion ban.

Other prominent figures, such as Senator Tim Scott and former Vice President Mike Pence, have shown strong support for federal measures on abortion.

While the debate on abortion continues, it is clear that Haley’s campaign is determined to defend her record and position on this contentious issue.

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