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GOP lawmakers view Trump tactics against DeSantis ‘nasty and personal’

Republican lFormer President is awry as awmakers flee. Donald TrumpGov.’s constant attacks Ron DeSantis (R-FL), believes it signals the beginning of a vicious primaries that will weaken GOP’s top candidates heading into November 2024 Election.

Trump is already working to build an Opposition files in large numbers Before the general election, he focused his attacks on the Florida governor, whom, he considers, his greatest threat. His team has now taken his attack to the next level. Filing an ethics complaint DeSantis was accused of running a business. “shadow presidential campaign” In violation of state electoral laws.


MAGA Inc., a super PAC aligned to Trump, filed the lawsuit against Glenton Gilzean Jr., Florida Commission on Ethics Chairman. DeSantis was allegedly meeting with MAGA Inc., a super PAC aligned with Trump. “influential figures” and participating in illegal fundraising. Florida officials cannot run for national office without resigning from their state posts.

GOP lawmakers worry about what a Trump battle could mean for their image and party’s success in 2024. Republicans are trying to appeal more to independent voters than to those who are far-right.

“I winced in 2016, and I’m wincing now,” Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) told the Hill When Trump was asked about his tactics. “That’s just because that’s not my style. I don’t think you’ll ever take the New York style out of Donald Trump. It’s too much to ask. He’s a fully baked cake.”

Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) is seen.

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R. Alaska), one of seven Republicans that voted to impeach Trump on February 20, 2021, stated that she was not happy with the way the former president pursues fellow Republicans so early in the primary.

“Why anyone feels it’s necessary as part of a campaign to be nasty and personal is beyond me,” She spoke. “It doesn’t have to be. Talk about the issues.”

Trump began flinging insults and dropping not-so-subtle digs against DeSantis since he entered the presidential race in November 2022, shortly after Republicans experienced a less-than-expected performance in the midterm elections — something for which a handful of GOP lawmakers are still Blaming Trump and his endorsement of extreme candidates.

DeSantis is yet to declare his candidacy but Trump’s team, his allied PAC, have done extensive research into DeSantis’s past to help build a strong case against Trump in the event they meet.

Trump also uses nicknames and compares himself to other Republicans like former Gov. Jeb Bush (Republican-Florida) and Paul Ryan (Republican-WI), whom Trump refers to as “RINO,” Short for “Republican in name only.”

Former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign supporters filed a new ethics complaint against Gov. Ron DeSantis is accused of running for office. “shadow presidential campaign” In violation of Florida election laws.

Trump has intensified his efforts to link DeSantis with centrist GOP members. He called him “Ryan DeSantis” While visiting Iowa. Ron is another favorite of his. “DeSanctimonious” “Meatball Ron.”

John Thune, Senate Minority Whip (R-SD), spoke before the Hill Trump would prefer that he focused on his comparisons to Democrats, and less on getting into other Republicans.

Thune said that Trump’s methods were not surprising and should not be taken as a surprise to DeSantis.

“That’s his style. If you’re going to be in the arena, you should expect that,” He spoke out about Trump’s personal attacks against DeSantis.

“Yes, I would like to keep it focused on the issues,” Thune continued. “I think there’s plenty to talk about, lots of contrasts you can draw with Democrats. I’d rather [they] keep their fire focused on them instead of each other.”

If the Florida governor decides that he wants to run for president in 2024 it is probable that he won’t make an announcement before the Florida legislative sessions ends in May. The governor is expected to be accompanied by a few key officials when he leaves the session. Legislative wins That could give him an important boost in the primaries.

Right, Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), testifying before the House Oversight Committee hearing about family separation and detention centres, Friday, July 12, 2019, on Capitol Hill in Washington. Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-Ariz.), left, is also on the panel.

He already owns an endorsement On his side, he has Rep. Chip Roy (R.TX), who is the policy chairman of the Freedom Caucus. Roy called DeSantis an a “man of conviction.”

“America needs a leader who will truly defend her and empower the people against the destructive force of unrestrained government and corporate excess, profligate spending, and woke cultural indoctrination,” Roy stated in his release. “That leader is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.”

Recent polls are inconsistent on who is leading in a Republican primaries. Some polls showed DeSantis, others showed Trump, depending on whether the candidates are competing head-to-head.

Quinnipiac University’s recent survey PollTrump leads DeSantis at 42%-36%, in a wide field with candidates and 51%-to-40% each-to-one.

Republicans fear that a consistent negative tone could influence swing voters to vote Democratic, particularly suburban women and college-educated voters. The Quinnipiac University Poll shows that both Republican candidates will fall to President Joe Biden. DeSantis lost 46% to 47% while Trump lost 45% and 49% respectively.


Thom Tillis, Senator of North Carolina (Republican), said that negative politics can backfire, especially in North Carolina, which Trump won in 2016-2020. He stated that he “never used it” “never found it productive” To use personal political attacks in order to win a race.

“I think it turns off a lot of people that are part of gettable votes for the Republican nominee,” He spoke to the Hill.

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