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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson And ‘Exodus’ Panel Discuss ‘An Eye For An Eye’ And Establishing Moral Order In New Episode

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and his panel of seven renowned scholars explore the purpose and importance of God’s laws, the meaning and limits of an “eye for an eye,” and what saying “no” really means in the newest episode of “Exodus,” streaming now on DailyWire+.

The next text of the Bible and Torah, Exodus, is still being studied and discussed by Peterson and his group, with this show concentrating on pages 21 through 24. They discuss the importance of God’s regulations in those sections and how they establish social order in the season.

Exodus 21:23 – 24, which reads,” And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot ,” is discussed by the panel. These lines are a” huge announcement” in historical context, according to Dennis Prager, co-founder of PragerU, who also brings up the nature of human evil in the discussion.

Peterson said of individual bad,” I think it depends, to some extent, on the interlocutor’s cunning.” ” I may say that you must be as cunning in your good as they are in their evil if you’re going to persuade another evil back onto the direction of good being.” That is an echo of the idea that you ought to be as intelligent as a snake and being innocent as an went.

Peterson continued,” I don’t know what the limit to that is, because I’ve seen people in dire circumstances walk the path so precisely that they could entice even someone hell – bent on malice out of that insistence.”

Peterson and his panel also talked about the philosophy of punishment, what it means to say” no ,” and the repercussions of doing something you were told not to do, which contributed to a larger discussion on moral order.

According to Peterson,” No” ultimately means that if you do that, something bad may undoubtedly happen to you. There is no hope at all if that isn’t the claim hidden behind your terms when you say” no.”

Public writer Os Guinness, Cambridge associate professor James Orr, leader of Hillsdale College Larry Arnn, Christian mind Jonathan Pageau, Dennis Prager, and Douglas Hedley, professor of philosophy of faith at Cambridge University, join Peterson in the season. Ben Shapiro, a co-founder of Daily Wire, may appear in some upcoming episodes.


The next of eight new episodes in the collection, which will be released every week, examines the significance of Exodus as understood by religious and intellectual experts and demonstrates why the book is still important thousands of years after it was written.

For a deep dive into the Ten Commandments, you can watch previous episodes here. Additionally, Peterson’s documentary “Logos & Literacy” — which explores the Museum of the Bible and the Bible’s impact on society — is available exclusively on DailyWire+.


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