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Longhorn corpse discovered near Oklahoma State fraternity before Texas game

Oklahoma State‍ University and University of Texas Set to Clash in Big 12 Championship Game

The highly anticipated‌ Big 12‍ championship⁣ game between Oklahoma State University and the University of ⁤Texas is set to take place this Saturday. However,​ the weekend got​ off to a shocking and disturbing start when a dead‍ longhorn steer was discovered outside an Oklahoma fraternity.

A Cruel and Unprecedented Crime

Police in Stillwater were⁤ alerted to the‌ gruesome scene on ​Friday. The longhorn steer was found with its ‌stomach⁢ brutally sliced open, and to make matters worse,⁣ the words “F*** FH” were scrawled across its body. ​This heinous act left authorities stunned.

“This is a very⁢ unusual situation that’s occurred,” said Stillwater Police Department spokesman TJ Low. “We’ve never​ had​ anything ​like this within ⁢our jurisdiction. It’s a ⁤very cruel ⁢crime to be committed, especially right before the Big 12 championship. Nothing is worth doing that kind‍ of crap.”

Oklahoma State University wasted no time in condemning the incident, taking⁣ to X ‍(formerly known ⁣as Twitter) ​to express their outrage.

OSU​ Condemns Animal Cruelty

“OSU​ is ‌appalled at the disturbing display of animal cruelty​ that occurred overnight ‍at an ​off-campus location near a fraternity house,” the university stated. “The Stillwater‍ PD is investigating the incident,⁤ and the university’s Office of Student Support and‌ Conduct has initiated an investigation. Oklahoma State expects all students to adhere to university codes ⁢of conduct, ‍and appropriate action will​ be taken based on the outcome of⁣ the investigation.”

The FarmHouse Fraternity, whose house is ‍located near ⁣the scene⁢ of the crime, also ‍expressed‌ their shock and disgust.

FarmHouse Fraternity Reacts

In a statement released on Friday, the fraternity expressed being⁤ “sickened” and “surprised” by the incident. They reported ​discovering ‌the carcass ⁣of the dead animal ‌in‍ the morning and immediately alerted local law enforcement. The fraternity is fully cooperating⁢ with the ongoing ⁣investigation.

“As a chapter founded on principles driven by our agricultural roots, we’re just‍ as sickened and surprised by this incident as our peers on campus,” the fraternity wrote. “It is⁤ disheartening to see the⁣ disregard for proper ‍animal welfare and treatment displayed by ​this situation.”

The FarmHouse Fraternity​ made it clear that they had no involvement in the incident and strongly ⁣condemned any form ⁣of cruelty towards ⁢livestock.

The Big ⁢12 championship game between Texas and Oklahoma State is⁤ still scheduled to take place⁢ on Saturday at noon Eastern ‌time in Arlington, Texas.

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What immediate actions have both universities taken to address⁣ concerns about‌ potential tensions and ensure the ‌safety of their communities?

​Lly⁣ involving an animal.”

The incident has ⁤deeply saddened and outraged ⁢both the Oklahoma State and University of Texas communities.​ Animal rights organizations, such as PETA, have joined in condemning this‌ act of violence and are offering rewards for​ any information leading ‍to the arrest and conviction ⁣of those responsible.

In response to the incident, both universities have released statements ⁣expressing their shock and ‌disappointment. Oklahoma State‍ University President, Kayse Shrum,‍ stated, “We are ⁣shocked and saddened​ by this senseless act of cruelty. We will fully⁣ cooperate with the authorities​ in​ their investigation, and ⁤we ⁢hope that the perpetrators are swiftly brought to justice.”

University of Texas President, Jay Hartzell, expressed similar ⁢sentiments, saying, “We are appalled by the horrific act that took place in Stillwater. There is no place​ for ⁣such cruelty and disrespect in ‍our society. ⁤Our⁢ thoughts‍ are with the affected individuals​ and we‍ stand‍ united against such acts.”

The incident has also ​raised concerns about⁢ the rivalry between the two universities and the ⁤potential for heated tensions leading up to the Big 12⁣ Championship Game. Both ‍universities‌ have taken⁤ immediate action to address these concerns and ensure‍ the ⁤safety ⁣of ⁣their⁤ respective communities.

Increased security measures will‍ be ⁢in place ⁣during the championship‌ game to prevent any incidents or potential conflicts between fans. University officials ⁤from both schools have also ⁢urged students and fans to maintain respect and sportsmanship throughout the game.

Despite the disturbing incident, both universities are eager to focus on the game itself.⁤ This year’s ‌Big 12 ⁤Championship ⁤Game between Oklahoma ‌State University and the University of Texas promises to be an exciting clash⁣ of ‌talented⁣ athletes and fierce competition.

Oklahoma ⁤State ⁣University’s football team, led by head coach Mike ‍Gundy, enters the ‍game with a record of ⁣11 wins and ⁣1 loss. They ⁤have shown great skill ‌and ⁣determination throughout the season, earning them a spot in the championship ‍game.

On the other ⁢side,⁢ the University⁢ of Texas ​football team, under​ the leadership of head coach Steve Sarkisian, has had a strong season as well, with 9 wins and 3 losses. They have faced tough opponents​ and have demonstrated their ability to overcome challenges.

The ⁣game presents an opportunity for both teams to showcase their abilities and vie for the coveted Big 12 Championship title. Fans⁤ from both sides eagerly await the clash, hoping for an intense and memorable showdown.

While the incident involving the longhorn ⁤steer casts a dark shadow over the upcoming game, it ⁤is vital for both ‍universities and their communities to remain united against such acts of ⁣cruelty. The focus ⁤should be on supporting their respective ‍teams and ⁣promoting camaraderie in the spirit of ⁢sportsmanship.

As the Big 12 Championship‍ Game approaches, the‌ hope is‌ that the incident will serve as a reminder of the importance​ of ⁤compassion and respect, both on and off ‌the field. It is crucial to come together​ as a community and ensure that such acts of violence⁣ are not tolerated.

The Big 12 Championship ⁢Game is an opportunity to ⁢celebrate the talents, accomplishments, and hard work of ⁤these athletes.⁤ Let us hope that‌ the game serves as a ⁢testament ‍to the power of⁣ sports to unite and bring people together, leaving no room for⁣ cruelty or hostility.

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