Comedian Dave Chappelle: Trans Activists “Want to Be Feared”

Comedian Dave Chappelle Monday’s condemnation of left-wing transactivists who resort to violence and censorship because he made jokes which were not considered appropriate was a strong statement. “transphobic,” These ideologues want the following: “feared,” Not “loved.”

Chapelle’s 2021 Netflix Special “The Closer” It was both the joke-teller and the streaming service that came out major backlash His comedic references to transgender individuals are well-known. After the first Minneapolis venue caved to the mob, he was canceled. “safe space.” The podcast’s most recent episode, The Midnight MiracleChappelle attacked the venue and the protestors who tried to cancel him. 

“I guess apparently they had made a pledge to the public at large that they would make their club a safe space for all people, and that they would ban anything they deemed transphobic,” He stated. “This is a wild stance for an artistic venue to take, especially one that’s historically a punk rock venue.”

The original venue, First Avenue, They announced the decision to drop the comedian because of his tweet jokes. “diverse voices and the freedom of artistic expression, but in honoring that, we lost sight of the impact this would have.”

As fans lined up to get into the show, the second venue where Chappelle ended up performing was made a target for left-wing violence. Chappelle continued to detail how violent protestors threw egg and a police barricade at those attending the show.

“These were grown people of various genders and gender identities. They threw eggs. They threw eggs at the [fans] who were lined up to see the show,” He said it on the podcast. 

“One lady was so mad with the protesters, she picked up a police barricade. You ever seen one? They look like a bike rack. This bitch picked that barricade up by herself and threw it at the crowd,” He continued. 

“I gotta tell you, it’s an amazing feat of strength for a woman,” Chappelle added.

He also stated that his comedy show was treated the same as going to a wedding. “huge act of defiance” His comments are in “The Closer,” He made fun of himself in this joke about being “tricked” by a transgender female and likened trans people to white people in blackface

Chappelle went on, pointing to the hypocrisy trans activists who claimed that the comedy routine would lead to violence but then committed acts of violence.

“I don’t think anyone had any malicious intent. In fact, one of the things that these people, the trans, and their surrogates, always say is that my jokes are somehow gonna be the root cause of some impending violence that they feel like is inevitable for my jokes,” He stated. 

“But I gotta tell you, as abrasive as they were, the way they were protesting, throwing eggs at people, throwing barricades, cussing and screaming, [none of my fans] beat ’em up,” He said that his fans were shouting to the protestors. “We love you. Like what are you talking about?”

According to Chappelle, “The gay community isn’t monolithic.” and there are a “There are many opinions” that they have when it comes to him. However, “There’s something they do that deliberately hides what I believe to be the intention of my work.”

He continued: “I don’t mind that they have a problem with my work. Good, fine. I don’t care. It’s the notion that they won’t like it means I can’t say it.”

“Art is a complex endeavor.” he said, adding that his opinions don’t fit into the “Binary” choices that people try to shove them into. 

“They are trying to remove the nuance from American culture’s speech, making it seem like people can only speak one way. Every opinion seems to be absolute. However, any opinion that I accept is more nuanced and nuanced than the binary choices they keep placing in front of me. I don’t see things in either red or blue.” he said.

“I don’t believe it is possible to silence someone like myself.” Chapelle added. “They are afraid of being feared. We will punish anyone who says this. We’ll go to First Avenue to f—k your show. And we’ll go to Varsity Theater, f—king your show. They just don’t have the time.

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