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CNN questions Karine Jean-Pierre on Biden’s age: ‘77% of adults concerned’

CNN’s Jake Tapper Grills White ‌House Press Secretary Karine⁢ Jean-Pierre on ‍Concerns About President Biden’s Age

In a recent interview, CNN’s Jake Tapper ⁤didn’t hold back ⁣when questioning White House ‍Press Secretary ‌ jean-pierre” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Karine Jean-Pierre about the growing concerns ⁣among‍ Americans regarding President Joe Biden’s age.

“77%⁢ of adults ⁤are worried,” Tapper stated, referring to ⁤the Associated‌ Press poll.

Tapper then brought up former ambassador and Governor Nikki Haley’s comments, ‌asking Jean-Pierre for her thoughts on Haley’s suggestion that Biden is‍ deteriorating and that Vice President Kamala Harris will take over in⁢ a second term.

“I’m not going to respond directly ⁤to Nikki Haley,” Jean-Pierre replied, citing the Hatch Act. However, ⁣she did highlight​ some ‍of⁤ Biden’s alleged accomplishments.

Tapper pressed on, emphasizing that ⁣his concern was⁤ not about Biden’s record, but ‍rather ⁢about his age and ⁣whether ‍he has the stamina and ability‌ to‌ fulfill⁤ his duties at such an advanced stage in⁤ life.

“Americans see Joe Biden,‌ who has ‍been in politics since before⁤ you were born, and‌ they see him aging,” Tapper explained. ⁣”I’m not saying he’s unable ​to ⁢walk,​ but ⁢he’s‌ 80 years old.”


Tapper further highlighted the average life expectancy⁤ of American males, which is around 77‍ years old, adding to the concerns surrounding Biden’s age.

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