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Biden’s Supersized IRS Will Spread Out More Audits For White People, Incoming Commissioner Promises

Good news, everyone: Joe Biden’s nominee to head the IRS has promised to make tax audits more racially “equitable”! Also, be prepared for more shakedowns by the government and white people.


It was enough to make it worse that Biden just infused Nearly $100 billion into an agency despised by anyone trying to make an honest living — we’re the ones most likely to be harassed by it — but now it comes with the added insult of “equity,” A term that should be treated like a pandemic. Lock the doors and close the shutters.

Daniel Werfel, the likely next IRS Commissioner, made this commitment in his congressional testimony Wednesday, after Stanford University published it. A study It is claimed that audits are more damaging to black taxpayers. As with any other law or policy, allegedly “disproportionately impacts communities of color” (ie. rules meant to keep everyone safe and everything fair from ne’er-do-wells), this is B.S.

It’s true that black filers receive audit notices at a higher rate than non-black filers. But that’s because black taxpayers claim certain lower-income tax credits, like the earned income tax credit or credits for single parents, at a higher rate. It is common for a taxpayer to receive money from the government, even though he has not paid into it. “When someone claims one of these tax credits, which are part of our country’s social safety net,” The study concluded that “they receive a refund amount even if they didn’t pay any taxes.” (The term “refund” This is incorrect for money that was not given by a taxpayer. These credits are most likely be used to initiate an audit based only on an IRS algorithm.

According to the authors, 21 percent of EITC claims were made by black filers. Single black men with dependents — unmarried fathers — also make up the largest group of EITC claims. This means that blacks are only about 13 percent in the population. However, they are more likely than other people to file claims that could trigger an audit. Even though the IRS doesn’t know what race a filer is, (There is no race check box when you submit the paper work.

The only way to balance out this supposed injustice — equity! — is for IRS agents to consciously target more non-blacks for audits. And trust me, it won’t be the filers with names like “Wiyot” “Kai.”

National media assure us that the IRS has been injected with $80 Billion in steroids to modernize its systems and hire more people. “customer service” Agents and filling “technical support” roles. Any concern or criticism that a larger IRS would mean more audits for middle income earners is dismissed. “misleading” Or “more conspiracy theories,” So Detailed description The New York Times. The paper also di

The Times is always right. Remember when conservative non-profits complained about harassment by the IRS during Obama years? The Times

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