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Requesting a” Revitalizing” US Commitment to” Environmental Justice” Order

According to a White House statement, President Joe Biden will” revitalize” America’s’s commitment to” environmental justice for all” by signing an executive order on April 21.

According to the announcement, the executive order is a component of the Biden-Harris administration’s’s comprehensive effort to address” longstanding economic inequities and disparities.”

Communities across our nation have endured ongoing economic injustice for far too much due to harmful pollution, inadequate funding for infrastructure and essential services, and some significant climate harms that are frequently brought on by a legacy of racial discrimination, including redlining. The announcement reads,” These societies with climate justice issues face possibly greater obligations as a result of climate change.

Every person has the right, both now and in the future, to breathe clean air, have clear water, and sit in a healthy community, according to President Biden and Vice President Harris. The most ambitious climate justice plan in American history was introduced by President Biden during his first fortnight in office. Nowadays, the President will sign an executive order more integrating climate justice into the play of governmental agencies to obtain real, measurable progress that communities can depend on, it adds, in order to continue delivering on that goal.

According to the arrangement, all executive arm agencies must carry out” the pursuit of economic justice” as part of their duties, and they must take into account steps to address and keep significant and harmful climate and health impacts on communities, such as those brought on by pollution and” other responsibilities like climate change.”

On December 13, 2021, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris and SemaConnect CEO Mahi Reddy will visit the Prince George’s’s County Brandywine Maintenance Facility to discuss the Electric Vehicle Charging Action Plan of the Biden administration. ( Reuters / Kevin Lamarque )

” Racism is a Fundamental Cause of Environmental Injustice”

In the event that harmful substances are released from a national facility, agencies must also inform local communities and inform the public of any potential health risks or safety precautions.

Additionally, Biden’s’s order acknowledges” that racism is a basic driver of ecological injustice” and instructs organizations to” constantly facilitate significant public participation and even treatment of all people in agency decision-making.”

Additionally, it mandates that federal agencies conduct new evaluations of their environmental justice initiatives, adds organizations to the White House Environmental Justice Interagency Council to support the government’s’s strategy to combat climate” injustice ,” and makes scientific data and information on environmental and health concerns more publicly accessible to communities.

The attempt stands in stark contrast to Republican lawmakers’ last month-passed ideas intended to restore America’s’s energy independence and reduce costs in the face of skyrocketing energy prices.

In accordance with those ideas, oil and gas drilling would increase, fossil fuel projects would be expedited, and Biden wouldn’t be allowed to impose a moratorium on the use of shale unless Congress gave the go-ahead. Economic regulations would also be scaled back.

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy( R-California ) also unveiled GOP proposals to address the debt ceiling earlier this week, including significant cuts to government spending, as the matter is still up for debate in Washington.

Biden has stated that any taking reductions won’t take place until the debt limit is raised and has declined to deal with Republicans on the issue.

On April 17, 2023, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy( R-California ) addresses Americans in front of the US Capitol Building in Washington. ( Office of Speaker McCarthy / Twitter / Screenshot via The Epoch Times )

Biden targets GOP ideas

Tax increases under the GOP’s’s proposals( pdf )

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