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How Non-Trump Candidates Should Respond to Trump-Related Questions at the First Republican Debate.

Important Questions for Non-Trump Candidates

Since Fox News moderators Bret Baier and Martha McCallum have already said they plan on asking a lot of Trump-related questions‌ at⁤ the first‌ Republican primary debate this week, there’s something that all​ the non-Trump candidates need to know: The correct answers aren’t complicated.

But‌ if any ‍of the lower-tier contenders — which is to say, all of them, save Ron DeSantis — are looking for a reason to disqualify themselves now,‍ there are plenty of wrong answers to offer instead. Let’s take them one by one.

Hypothetical Question 1: Do‍ you believe that the ⁤former president is potentially ‌guilty of criminal conduct with regard to ​ any of the four indictments he ‍currently faces?

Disqualifying answer: “The ⁢president is innocent until proven guilty, and he deserves his day in court.” Or: “Trump ⁣was a great president, and I’m thankful for ⁤the things he accomplished in⁤ office. At ‍the same time, we need to move on from the constant‍ drama ‍and ‍baggage that he brings to the table.”

Any⁢ answer that fails‍ to reject the very legitimacy of⁣ the left’s pursuit of Trump is a flop. That’s not to say anyone needs to defend or excuse‌ his conduct. The point is that up until Trump, the same conduct by anyone else has‍ never been deemed criminal, which​ is to say nothing of it being worthy of prosecution with the full weight of the Justice Department. This isn’t about Trump or due process. It’s about the left’s growing ⁣belief that political differences⁤ should ‍be ⁢settled ⁢not with elections but by physical force.

Hypothetical ⁣Question ​2: Do you believe the 2020 election was stolen, and if not, ‌will you say tonight ‌that ⁣you‌ accept the result of that election and will do the same in⁢ 2024?

Disqualifying answer: “The former president is ‌wrong. The 2020 election was not stolen,‍ and‍ his ​attempts to overturn⁢ it were dangerous to ‌our democracy.” Or: “Joe Biden is⁢ the president, and there​ were problems with that election, but we need to look to the future.”

Accepting the premise of this ever-so-tired but ‌still important question is a failure. If you’re willing to ⁣answer, “Was ⁢the 2020 election stolen?” with a yes or no answer, just stay home. You⁢ might as well throw in whether you still beat your ‍wife.

The fact is that the election was fixed in favor ⁢of Democrats, from the left’s ballot rigging, to the ‌intelligence community’s information meddling, to the national media’s Covid hyping. And who can forget the race war instigating? Ah, memories. If acknowledging that ⁣reality ⁣is to undermine the 2020 election’s authenticity, so be it.

There is no moving ‍on. It happened. ‍It was a great injustice and a‌ disgrace. The​ people still angry about ⁢it don’t deserve to be told that‍ it’s time ‌to ⁤“move on.” They will move ⁤on⁤ when​ there is accountability. If that’s not part of a candidate’s answer, he can ⁣go ahead‍ and save his​ donors some ⁣money.

Hypothetical Question 3: During⁤ former president Trump’s term, he oversaw ‌his party’s loss of control of⁢ the House, the Senate, and then‍ the presidency. Some within the GOP also fault him for ⁣a mediocre midterm performance‌ in 2022 and thereby ⁢doubt he can succeed in the general. Is⁣ Donald Trump ⁢a ‌liability to the party?

Disqualifying ‌answer:‌ [Insert anything here outside of, “I don’t care who thinks he’s a liability. We’re here to choose a nominee. I want it to be me. It should be me. And if it’s not, I will walk through fire and crawl over shattered glass to support who the voters decide is best.”]

If you ‍want to share your personal thoughts and reflections on political strategy and weigh in on whether voters are shortsighted for their choices, write a book and go on a speaking tour. That’s more or less what Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson are doing, and that’s why neither of them​ will be the nominee.

Regardless of whether the non-Trump candidates answer these questions with perfect precision, almost all of ​them will⁤ have to drop out ​between now and next summer. Until then, they can‍ at ‍least get this‌ very‌ simple thing ⁢right.

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