ANALYSIS: Liberal Animosity Toward Minorities, Teachers, and Poor People is Out of Control

Obnoxious liberals, the ones who fill the yawning void in their lives by posting online, are expressing an unhealthy degree of animosity toward minorities, teachers, poor people, and other marginalized communities, a Washington Free Beacon analysis has determined.

As you might expect, Lincoln Project operatives are some of the worst offenders. Tom Nichols, one of the super PAC’s former advisers, griped last week that the United States was “threatened by millions of spoiled, stupid adult children” who are reluctant to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. His much wealthier former colleague, Rick Wilson, agreed: “We’re so fucked.”

The extremely online duo’s outbursts were presumably in response to successful black athletes publicly expressing their vaccine hesitancy. NFL wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, for example, suggested a day earlier that he didn’t “want to partake” in the COVID-19 vaccine. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was also ruthlessly mocked for refusing to divulge his vaccine status, just as NBA star LeBron James repeatedly insisted his decision to get the vaccine (or not) was a “private thing.”

Nichols went on to describe Hopkins, using racially charged language, as “some jamoke in a red hat who has the mentality of a rashy toddler.” Red just happens to be the primary color of Hopkins’s NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals. He feels “almost no emotion and zero empathy” for the successful black man and other marginalized individuals whom he finds annoying.

Polling shows that vaccine hesitancy is most prominent among racial minorities, individuals without a college degree, and those who earn less than $50,000 a year. Additionally, teachers’ unions have been some of the most outspoken opponents to President Joe Biden’s effort to mandate vaccines for government employees.

As a result, these marginalized communities have been singled out for derision by overeducated white liberals who earn many times the median household income. Many of the hateful attacks, including some in the pages of the New York Times, have used racially explosive rhetoric commonly associated with white supremacy movements.

In one letter to the editor published in the Times, Naomi Stephen of Cambridge, Mass., praised the NFL’s policy of penalizing players for refusing to get vaccinated as “brilliant” because it promotes personal “responsibility” among the league’s mostly black athletes—a common racist trope and white supremacist dog whistle. “Accepting responsibility for one’s choices is surely a principle that all people can agree on,” Stephen wrote, controversially.

Daniel Fink of Beverly Hills, Calif., was even less subtle in his attack on black athletes and other individuals who refuse to get vaccinated. “If you don’t like being protected by your government, go to countries where people aren’t getting vaccinated because they don’t have vaccine to administer,” he wrote to the Times, which published his letter despite its explicit call to violence against marginalized communities.

Washington Post columnist Max Boot, who is bald, recently argued it was time for the federal government to “stop making reasonable appeals” to “granola liberals who believe in alternative medicines and African Americans who distrust the health care system,” and concluded with a curious word choice that could only be interpreted as an appeal to white supremacists. “We should not grant an unreasonable minority [emphasis added] the power to endanger public health,” he wrote, with racism in his heart.

Few libs have been more aggressively antagonistic in their disdain for marginalized communities than Nichols, the former Lincoln Project adviser. “It’s astonishing to think we’re facing another round of pandemic measures because of people who are willing to get sick and risk death because they think it’ll piss off someone like me for a few months,” he tweeted in a recent display of pathological narcissism.

It’s out of control.

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