2.6 Million Illegals Expected to Cross Southern Border Next Year

2.6 million illegal immigrants are likely to cross the southern border next year. That is a staggering number, bringing the total of illegal border crossing to nearly 7 million in President Biden’s first three years.

If that pace continues Biden will have brought in enough illegal aliens to populate New York City in his first term of office.

President Joe Biden’s “wide open” United States-Mexico border is expected to see 2.6 million border crossers and illegal aliens apprehended next year, a new analysis projects.

For 2021, Steven Kopits with Princeton Policy Advisors accurately projected that about two million border crossers and illegal aliens would be apprehended. By this year’s end, Kopits projects about 2.3 million will have been apprehended. These estimates do not include the hundreds of thousands, potentially millions, who will successfully cross the southern border.

Now, Kopits projects that Biden’s policies will see 2.6 million border crossers and illegal aliens apprehended along the border in 2023 — another record-shattering annual level of illegal immigration.

If the projections pan out, some 6.9 million border crossers and illegal aliens will have been apprehended at the border since 2021 to 2023 under Biden. This is a foreign population just two million short of New York City’s resident population.

It’s difficult to conceive of a population influx of that magnitude occurring in such a short period of time. Especially since this is simply the total of illegal immigrants, minus those who escaped and are not in any official counts. Legal immigration brings in millions more.

The Biden Administration has been notoriously deceptive on this issue, with multiple assertions by Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas that the “border is secure,” and of course the appointment of VP Harris to the point position on the matter. Harris is ridiculously incompetent.

Although I suspect that if we kept Harris at the border to cackle maniacally at immigrants as they come in, some substantial number might turn around out of disgust at how ridiculous our leaders truly are. We should try sending her there with a megaphone to see how many decide to escape back south.

Karine Jean-Pierre keeps lying to the American public about the issue, insisting that it is a high priority for the Administration and that Biden has gone to the border to see the influx himself. He has not, and even admitted as much. Reporters will still repeat any claim from KJP as credible because they are simply stenographers for the Left.

Voters keep telling pollsters that they care deeply about the border crisis, but the Administration has been empowered to ignore the issue by their relative success in the midterms. It’s difficult to see how any amount of political pressure will make them change course, given that reality.

The scale of Biden’s failure–or rather “success” if you understand that the Administration wants this to continue–is unbelievable.

Illegal immigration was actually getting under control under Trump–and had even declined in the years after the financial crisis–but now exceeds any prior period in history. This is undeniably a Biden Administration phenomenon.

It’s not just Biden who wants this influx to continue–corporate Elites™ do as well. Illegal immigrants are cheap source of labor, and their numbers also keep wages down for US citizens by increasing the size of the labor market. People at the top benefit by paying lower wages and getting cheap labor for their servants.

Average Americans are the victims of these policies, which is why you have seen a large-scale migration of working class voters to the Republican Party. The Democrats have picked up the support of the winners in this skewed economy–the wealthy and college educated who benefit from cheaper labor and the importation people who can provide cheaper services to them.

It’s a disgusting betrayal of Americans citizens of all races, perpetrated by the Elite™ class who have contempt for them. As transnationalists our ruling class simply doesn’t recognize Americans as their responsibility to represent or protect.

There will come a reckoning, but it’s unclear if it will come before it is too late to reverse the decline.

Let’s hope so.

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